Press Releases

18 January 2016

Seales Family Urges Supporters to Make Submissions

23 December 2015

Seales’ Husband Welcomes New Palliative Care Guidelines

19 December 2015

Lecretia Seales: New Zealander of the Year

14 October 2015

End of Life Bill Launched As Health Committee Hears First Submissions

6 October 2015

Seales Family Encouraged By California Assisted Dying Legislation

30 July 2015

Seales v Attorney-General: Lecretia Seales’ Family Will Not Appeal Decision

5 June 2015

High Court Judgment Issued for Seales v Attorney General

Lecretia Seales Dies of Natural Causes

24 April 2015

Interest Groups Successfully Intervene in Seales “Right To Die” Case Under Strict Conditions

21 March 2015

High Court “Right To Die” Case Commences