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Angela & Lecretia

Angela & Lecretia

Lecretia is no stranger to supporting others in dealing with loss, and helping them find a way forward. Here is a very special story from Lecretia’s friend Angela, who Lecretia grew up with in Tauranga.

My friendship with Lecretia began around the time of my twelfth birthday, when I invited a mutual friend to my sleepover party and she brought Lecretia along with her. Thirty years and many blocks of chocolate later, Lecretia remains a very special friend.

There are so many stories I could tell about Lecretia, and a few Lecretia would prefer I did not! There is one story that keeps coming to mind. It’s a very personal story, but it really illustrates the depth of friendship Lecretia has shown me.

When we were in our last year of high school, my boyfriend died suddenly. It was six weeks before our bursary exams, and my life was in pieces.

Lecretia understood that even though I was broken, it was crucial that I got through my bursary exams if I was to hold on to my future. I was a good student, and like Lecretia, planned to become a lawyer. Each morning Lecretia would come to my house and collect me for school, whether I wanted to go or not, often with our good friend Hilary as second in command. Lecretia bossed me about, which was exactly what I needed, and pushed me to focus on my exams and my future, supporting me with the maturity of an adult. I did get the bursary I needed to get into first year law, and a few months later, headed off to Canterbury University.

I will be forever grateful for the love and wisdom that Lecretia bestowed on me, not just through those first months, but over the next couple of years while I slowly came to terms with what had happened.

It was so very difficult to be out on my own, away from home and still grieving. Lecretia understood that I was struggling without me needing to explain myself. Lecretia became my rock; my ‘go-to girl’. Often I could draw strength from her just with a phone call, but when things were really tough, I would jump on a plane to Wellington and visit her. It was always a spur of the moment decision so I never gave Lecretia much notice that I was coming, but she never hesitated in welcoming me, in sharing her new life and friends, and giving me such comfort. She made me feel cherished.

After a few years, I transferred to Victoria University, joining Lecretia and other friends at law school there. I married a lovely man Lecretia was friends with, as things transpired, and I am grateful to have had the career I wanted.

Lecretia was an outstanding friend in helping me through what was the toughest experience of my life, that is, until Lecretia was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Over the years that Lecretia has battled her illness, I have been inspired, heartbroken, proud, and devastated in equal measure, as have all her many and wonderful friends. I truly hope I have been able to return the unconditional love Lecretia so willingly gave me all those years ago, and in the many years since. I could not have asked for a better friend to journey through life with.

  1. So true Angela. You girls have a very very special friendship.

  2. A friendship you will both cherish forever. <3

  3. You’ve brought me to tears Angela- in a good way. You see, Lecretia as the eldest of all her cousins – has taken this role seriously – never missing a 21st or any family celebration. We absolutely adore her so your story only upholds all that our darling is…Genuine, true and kind…. “A woman of Substance.” Love to you Angela.

  4. Lovely words Angela. You have indeed shared a wonderful friendship.Thank you. xxx

  5. Thanks for your lovely words Angela. Lecretia is so special to so many of us. Xxx

  6. It’s spooky but I was thinking about Lecretia a few weeks ago. We were at school camp and we were orienteering together and me being the naughty one decided to take a short cut up a steep rocky hillside and Lecretia followed after a bit of persuasion and got stuck halfway up. I was musing on how I wish I was still no fear. I was friends with Lecretia for a couple of years but I went off the rails and lost touch with everyone. I was soo jealous of Lecretia’s warm loving home and her parents were so kind. I always thought Lecretia would end up in media as we spent many hours recording radio shows on tape. My nana still had the magazine Jole we did together when she died. I sorted myself out but I always wondered what happened to Lecretia, Angela, Melissa and Hillary. They were such nice genuine people and I wasn’t so I left the group. I always feel bad about it but I was not worthy of being friends with girls from loving families.
    Lecretia taught me to play Add-on on the trampoline, that milk goes with KFC and what family could be. I am now completely off the grid. I got my degree and worked and lived in Auckland for 20 years. I needed peace and quiet and live in the country in Sth Taranaki. I don’t have a landline, a television aerial or a computer. I was listening to the radio on Monday afternoon and thought I heard Lecretia’s name. I listened to the news hourly and was none the wiser so I put on my woollies at 6 and went round the corner to my 70something yr old neighbours who always watch the news to see what the story was. I got a huge shock, I didn’t have a clue and here she is dying. I hope someone contacts me as I would have much preferred to write a personal letter. I’m not very internet savvy anymore and don’t even know if this will reach anyone. By the way Angela you look hot!!
    lots of love and thoughts
    Vanessa Thompson
    (I was Adcock but changed to my birth fathers)

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